As a motorcycle rider, close calls come with the territory, and what you do in those moments can be the difference between experiencing and avoiding a collision that could result in injury or death.  Below are some techniques for Wisconsin riders that may help prevent a crash:

  • Brake gradually. Never fully slam on your brakes. Depending on the type of brake line your bike has, sudden braking could cause your bike to flip or spin out.  
  • Swerve where possible. Be aware at all times of possible escape routes in the event of a crash. Decide which lane is safest to swerve into in the event that you don’t have time to fully hit the brakes.
  • Signal with lights and hands. If, for example, the car in front of you is about to do something that could cause a collision, do your best to communicate your presence WHILE taking measures to distance yourself from the car. 

Though most skilled and educated riders know the above facts, it’s important to practice them to help make sure you have the presence of mind to execute these maneuvers in the split second before a collision. 

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