Consuming alcohol or drugs prior to riding a motorcycle in Wisconsin significantly increases the likelihood of injury from of an accident. Riding under the influence makes it far more likely for a crash to occur, by impairing the following factors:

  • Your awareness of your own driving. This will be the first thing to go following alcohol or drug use. While you may think you are driving exceptionally well, you are most likely driving worse than ever. This false sense of confidence could lead you to take risks you wouldn’t ordinarily take.
  • A slow response time, coupled with the riskiness of your newfound confidence, could get you into serious trouble. A mind and body impaired by alcohol or drugs is slower to respond reflexively. Attempting unsafe maneuvers will very likely result in an accident and in injury.
  • Control over your body is impaired by alcohol or drug use. It takes a great deal of control to safely ride a motorcycle. This mean you could wobble more on your bike. A wobble can become a serious spill in a matter of seconds.

Remember: even if you are not legally over the limit of acceptable alcohol use, all it takes is one or two drinks to slow your response time and impair your judgment. 

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