We are glad to hear that you got the apology that you very much deserved and that the driver who killed your child is remorseful. We agree with you and believe that the apology is very important.

However, the apology may not be enough. An apology alone will not pay for the medical bills that your child incurred before he or she died. It will not pay for the funeral expenses. It will not compensate your family for the suffering you are all living with nor will it compensate you for the loss of your child’s life.

An Illinois wrongful death case may help you with the things that an apology alone cannot give you. It may help you with your financial compensation. Additionally, it may hold the person accountable and send a message to other drivers that fatal accidents do have serious consequences for the people who cause them.

For more information about why you might want to consider an Illinois wrongful death case, we encourage you to contact an experienced Rockford wrongful death lawyer today via this website or by calling 815-877-3900 or 800-390-6350. Together, we can work hard to help protect your family’s rights and get the recovery that you deserve.

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