Insurance Agent With Clipboard After a Car Wreck

You ask an important question because what you say to an insurance adjuster could significantly impact your car accident settlement.

Don’t Make a Mistake With the Insurance Adjuster

It is the insurance adjuster’s job to find a way to pay you as little as possible for your accident claim. Therefore, many insurance adjusters try to get you to say things that could hurt your claim without you realizing that what you say is going to be used against you.

For example, it could be a mistake to say the following to an insurance adjuster:

  • “I’m fine. How are you?” While you may think you are being polite, the insurance adjuster just heard that you are “fine” and not injured.
  • “I may have been tired the day of the accident.” You may think your drowsiness is insignificant, but the insurance adjuster just heard that you are partly responsible for the crash.
  • “I’ll take that settlement.” You may think that you will get additional compensation later, but you just accepted the insurance company’s proposed settlement as your full compensation for your accident injuries.

Of course, these three examples are just some of the ways that the insurance company will try to get you to admit that you are not hurt, you were partially responsible for the crash, or you are accepting its settlement offer.

One Thing You Should Say to the Insurance Adjuster

While there are many things that you shouldn’t say to an insurance adjuster, there is one thing that is important to say to an insurance adjuster. You should tell the insurance adjuster that you are represented by a personal injury lawyer and that all contact should be made through your attorney. Once you do that, the insurance adjuster should stop calling you and should only contact your attorney about your claim.

Of course, before you tell the insurance company that you are represented by counsel, you must hire a lawyer. Contact the experienced car accident lawyers of Hupy and Abraham today to schedule a free consultation about your case and to learn about the Win or It’s Free Guarantee that we will offer you if you become a client.

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