Riding a motorcycle in Illinois is fun, but it requires certain skills that not all people possess. Even the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) believes that motorcycling is not for everybody.

In a related post, we included five questions that the MSF proposes to help you determine if motorcycle riding is right for you. Here are five more.

  • Are you safety minded? If you are accident prone, or if you think it’s okay to operate a motor vehicle after drinking alcohol, you are more likely to end up in a Gurnee motorcycle crash.
  • Do you take care of equipment you use that has some risk associated with it? You will have to maintain your motorcycle, wear proper gear when riding, and take necessary safety precautions.
  • Can you focus? To ride a motorcycle safely means to be keenly aware of what is going on 360 degrees around you.
  • Can you respond quickly and appropriately in an emergency? You must have the skills to react when crisis situations arise.
  • Are you willing to spend time learning how to handle a motorcycle properly and safely? Obviously, learning the right way to ride is important.

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