In Wisconsin, motorcycle passengers under age 18 are required to wear a helmet. While there are no legal requirements for safety gear for passengers over age 18, it is important to realize that motorcycle passengers face the same risk of injury as motorcycle operators. Your passenger will need the same safety equipment as you do.

Here a list of safety gear that should be worn by both motorcycle operators and their passengers:

  • Helmet: Head injury is the leading cause of Wisconsin motorcycle accident death. Even low speed crashes can result in serious head injury when the motorcyclist isn’t wearing a helmet. Your passenger’s helmet should fit well, so it doesn’t fly off in a crash. See our article, “Tips on Choosing a Helmet for the Wisconsin rider” for more information.
  • Eye protection: The helmet should offer eye protection. If it doesn’t your passenger will need goggles in order to keep the wind and debris out of her eyes.
  • Jacket: A jacket provides both warmth and protection for your skin in the event of a Milwaukee motorcycle crash.
  • Pants: Abrasion-resistant motorcycle pants protect your legs from injury, just as a jacket protects your upper body.
  • Footwear: Your passenger should wear a pair of good, tough, over-the-ankle boots. Broken ankles are a common Wisconsin motorcycle accident injury. Boots provide protection for the ankles. Never wear a shoe that exposes the feet.
  • Gloves: When a person falls, the natural reaction is to break the fall with the hands. Even a small fall can cause serious injury to the hands. A high speed crash may result in the loss the hand.

What not to wear? Dangling accessories. Long necklaces, scarves, and purses can get caught in a bike’s moving parts causing accidents and injury. Ask your passenger to put the accessories away until you reach your destination.

If your passenger is injured in a motorcycle accident in Milwaukee, she has the same rights as any other motorcycle accident victim. These rights are listed in our book, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims. To request a book or schedule a free consultation with a Wisconsin motorcycle lawyer, contact Hupy and Abraham at 800-800-5678.