Every slip and fall accident results in unique injuries for the person who fell. Some people suffer no more than a scraped knee and have no reason to contact a Milwaukee slip and fall injury attorney. However, other people suffer more significant injuries that require medical attention and may keep them away from work or school for a period of time.

Your doctor may be able to give you a better idea of how your fall injury will impact your life in both the short term and the long term. If you have incurred medical expenses or missed time from school, work, or your normal routine, then it may be important to contact an experienced Milwaukee slip and fall attorney. Your injuries may be legally significant and you may have the right to recover damages for the injuries that you suffered.

Damages for a slip and fall injury may include compensation for your past, present, and future medical expenses—including physical therapy or occupational therapy, should you need it; lost income for your time out of work; out-of-pocket costs if you need transportation help, cleaning help, child care, or had other expenses you don’t typically incur; and pain and suffering.

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