Study after study has shown that drivers who text while behind the wheel are more likely to be involved in Iowa car accidents. According to a Virginia Tech Transportation Institute study, drivers who text are 23 times more likely to be involved in an accident. Although texting in Iowa is illegal, it is a secondary violation. A police officer cannot stop your vehicle because he suspects you are texting. Many Iowa drivers continue to text despite the laws and despite the risks.

It may seem contradictory, but the key to breaking the texting habit may be your phone. There are a number of apps that are designed to prevent Iowa distracted driving accidents.

  • Drive Check your texts without looking at your phone. Drive reads text messages, SMS and emails out loud when they are received. The app is available for Blackberry, iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile devices. You can set up an auto-responder that will reply with a standard response, such as, “I’m driving now and will respond to your text when I’m off the road.” The app can be disabled when you are not driving.
  • Drive Safe Mode: Drive Safe Mode allows you to disable your phone while your vehicle is in motion. You can also use the app to disable your child’s phone, as it has options for parental controls. The app will even let you know if your child exceeds the speed limit. Plans are available for iPhone and Android devices.
  • Textecution: Textecution prevents your phone from sending and receiving texts while you drive. Passengers can text with permission.
  • TextSmart DriveSafe: TextSmart DriveSafe is an iPhone and Android app that blocks calls and texts when the phone is moving at speeds greater than one mile per hour. There is an emergency override and an auto-reply mode.
  • Drive Alive: Get rewarded for good behavior. Drive Alive doesn’t block your messages, but monitors your phone usage while driving and offers coupons or gift cards for good driving behavior. Examples include PayPal funds, Dunkin Donut gift cards, and even prepaid Visas. The app is available for both iPhone and Android devices.
  • SafeCell: Does your job involve driving? SafeCell is an AT&T service that lets employers monitor driving behavior through company phones.

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