If you are a Wisconsin motorcycle rider and you are unsure whether it’s safe to combine riding with prescription medicine, there are certain steps you can take to ensure safety while riding and prevent a Madison bike crash: 

  • Read the label carefully. This seems obvious, but you should pay attention to every warning on the label of your medication. Typically, a medication’s label will make it very clear whether or not it is safe to operate heavy machinery.
  • Stay nourished. Keeping hydrated and well fed will diminish the negative side effects of the medication.
  • Be alert for possible side effects. It is your responsibility to know the possible results of mixing your medication with other prescription drugs, alcohol, or even certain foods.
  • Do not abuse the prescription. Be sure not to take more than the prescribed amount of medication, and to keep careful track of time between doses.
  • When in doubt, talk to a doctor or pharmacist. Always ask your doctor before hitting the road after taking medication. 

Keep in mind that the effects of certain medications on a motorcycle rider could be worse than riding while drowsy, or under the influence of alcohol. Being a safe Wisconsin motorcycle rider means responsibly handling your medications.

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