Doctor points to an X-ray of a broken hip

Not all broken hip injuries are the same. If you suffer a broken hip injury that requires medical treatment or keeps you out of work, then you deserve to know whether you can recover damages.

How Motorcycle Accidents Cause Broken Hip Accidents

As a rider, you are vulnerable to broken bone injuries when other drivers are negligent. For example, a negligent drive may:

  • Collide with your bike and hit your hip
  • Cause you to be ejected off your motorcycle
  • Cause your motorcycle to tip and your hip to hit the pavement

Any of these accidents may cause a broken hip.

What it Is Like to Live With a Broken Hip

Depending on the severity of the break, your age, and your general health you may require:

  • Surgery
  • Pain medication
  • A hospital stay
  • In-patient rehabilitation
  • Outpatient rehabilitation services
  • Follow-up doctors’ appointment

During this time, you may be unable to stand or walk, and you may be in a lot of pain. Accordingly, you may be unable to work and participate in your usual activities.

Your doctor will recommend the best course of treatment and work together with your physical therapist to help you recover from your physical injuries as soon as possible.

How to Make a Fair Recovery If You Break Your Hip in a Motorcycle Crash

If you break your hip in a motorcycle crash, your potential financial recovery may include compensation for past and future:

  • Medical expenses, including but not limited to surgeries, pain medication, hospital stays, physical therapy, doctors’ appointments, a wheelchair, and other assistive medical devices
  • Lost income for any wages, bonuses, raises, benefits, and income from self-employment that you lose out on because of your broken hip
  • Out-of-pocket expenses for costs incurred due to the accident and injury. These costs may include damage to your bike, transportation costs, and household help, for example
  • Pain and suffering. Some of your most significant injuries may be your physical pain and emotional suffering

Once you file an insurance claim, the insurance company may make you a settlement offer. This initial offer is unlikely to cover all of your damages. Instead, the insurance company is trying to get you to settle your claim for less than it is worth so that it can maximize its profits. While this is a common insurance company practice, you can still make a fair recovery.

Insurers know that Hupy and Abraham means business. Often, this knowledge is enough to make insurers treat our clients fairly. The insurance companies know that if they make low offers that do not fairly compensate our clients, our motorcycle accident lawyers will not hesitate to go to court. Many insurers want to avoid the expense and uncertainty of litigation and, therefore, settle our clients’ claims.

Work With a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Who Knows What it Means to Be a Rider

Our attorneys are experienced motorcycle accident lawyers. We’ve helped more than 4,000 riders secure tens of thousands of dollars for their injuries.

We provide tough, aggressive, and compassionate representation not just because we are skilled lawyers, but also because we are riders. We understand the joy of motorcycle riding, the vulnerability of getting hurt in a crash, and the bias motorcyclists often encounter.

Our law firm is committed to the motorcycle community.  We get involved with legislative issues and safety concerns—and we vigorously protect riders’ rights.

Learn more about how a fellow rider and experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help you recover from your motorcycle accident broken hip injury. We’d be happy to meet with you in any of our 11 motorcycle accident law offices located throughout Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. Alternatively, we can meet in your home or hospital room or by phone or video conference.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. We also invite you to begin learning more about your rights immediately by downloading a free copy of our book, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims.

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