If you’ve been hurt by a distracted driver then you have a right to know how you will be compensated for your injuries. You were doing your part to drive safely, but another driver was not and may have been following you too closely or may have veered into your lane causing your Iowa accident injuries.

Who’s Responsible for the Accident?

After the collision, or through an investigation, you may have learned that the driver was talking on the cell phone or answering a text for work. Now, you raise a good question about liability in Iowa. If the driver was “on the job” and the employer required or encouraged employees to use cell phones for business while driving then you may have a case against the employer as well as the driver.

How to Know for Sure

An experienced lawyer can conduct an investigation, advise you as to whether the driver, the driver’s employer, or both parties are responsible for your injuries, and advocate for your full and fair recovery from the responsible party or parties.

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