Is it safe to wear a mask while driving?

If you are alone in your car or traveling with healthy people from your household, then you generally don’t need to wear a mask in your car to protect you from Covid-19.

However, if you have passengers you don’t live with, you have a passenger who may have Covid-19, or you are only traveling a short distance and don’t want to take your mask off and on, then you may find yourself driving with a mask on your face. You may wonder if it’s safe, and you may be concerned about other drivers driving with masks on their faces.

Masks May Be Driving Distractions

A driver wearing a mask may be distracted if:

  • The mask rides up the face and interferes with vision. Not all masks fit in the same way. A mask that is too high on the face may impede a driver’s vision.
  • The mask causes the driver’s glasses to fog up. Many people who wear glasses have developed tricks to avoid their glasses from fogging up. However, sometimes it happens. If it happens while driving, then it can be challenging to see.
  • The mask is uncomfortable. The driver may adjust the mask which requires the driver to take their hands off the wheel and their attention away from driving safely.

Any one of these things can result in a dangerous car crash.

What to Do After a Car Crash With a Masked Driver

If you’ve been hurt by a driver who was wearing a mask, then make a note of that fact and share it with your car accident lawyer.

Things are hard right now. The pandemic has changed a lot about how we live. You do not need the added pressure of figuring out how to protect your rights after a car accident. Instead, we invite you to contact our experienced car accident lawyers for a free case evaluation. We would be happy to schedule a free video meeting, phone call, or in-person meeting to discuss your potential case, your legal options, and your possible recovery.


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