You bet! Chances are, you will find yourself taking your motorcycle out at night from time to time, and you need to ride smart to stay out of a bike wreck in Gurnee.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation gives the following tips for motorcycling at night:
  • Be very careful when riding at dusk; it’s the most dangerous time on the road, when people are adjusting their vision to the loss of daylight and the onset of headlights. Be especially careful right after sunset.
  • Slow down a bit when riding at night, especially on curvy roads.
  • Use the light from both your headlight and the light from other vehicles to monitor the road surface. You will have more trouble identifying patches of gravel or obstacles on the road at night.
  • Keep even more space between you and the vehicle you follow so you have more time to react to traffic situations in front of you.
  • Wear a clear face shield that has no scratches. Scratches can refract the light, multiplying the number of headlights you see.
  • Beware of drunk drivers at night. Note any vehicles that are weaving in and out of traffic or otherwise moving in an odd fashion.

All of us take our lives into our hands when we take to the road, especially at night. Be a responsible rider, and you may avoid a motorcycle accident in Gurnee. If you ever need a Gurnee personal injury lawyer, contact Hupy and Abraham. Call us toll free at 800-800-5678 or locally at 414-223-4800. Complete our online contact form for a FREE, no-obligation consultation, or request our FREE book, The Ultimate Guide for Motorcycle Accident Victims.