After Being Dropped By Another Firm This Injured Pedestrian Turned To Us

It was raining on the night a woman was struck by a vehicle while she was crossing the street.  Her family hired a lawyer to pursue a claim on her behalf. The family waited weeks and weeks for news from their lawyer but received very little information. Growing frustrated, the family urged their lawyer to provide them information about how the investigation was going. Months later, when the family was finally able to speak with the lawyer, the lawyer informed them that they didn’t have a case because he believed the incident was primarily the woman’s fault. 

The family wanted a second opinion. They contacted Hupy and Abraham, and Attorney Brandon Derry agreed to review their case.  Attorney Derry requested all of the law enforcement investigative reports and found evidence their first attorney likely never saw. The evidence helped prove the driver of the vehicle was negligent. Attorney Derry recommended pursuing a claim against the driver’s insurance company. After Attorney Derry submitted a demand package to the insurance company, they agreed to settle the claim and the insurance company paid over $100,000 to the family.