Car Accident and Injury News Reported by Our North Central Law Firm Team

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Listed here are significant car accidents that warranted attention from our law firm. As always we wish a speedy and full recovery to all involved with auto crashes.

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  • Primary Seat Belt Law Causes Number of Tickets to Skyrocket Since Milwaukee passed a primary seat belt law the number of tickets written for seat belt violations has skyrocketed. The old law allowed police to ticket only after pulling over a vehicle for another reason. Now a police officer may pull over any vehicle that contains a driver or passengers who are not wearing their seat belts. If you have been injured in a motorcycle, car or trucking accident please contact your Madison, Wi., personal injury attorney at Hupy and Abraham today for your free consultation.
  • Thanksgiving Dangerous for Drivers | Milwaukee Accident Attorney Due to a high volume of cars on the road and an elevated rate of drinking and driving Thanksgiving is the most deadly day of the year for travelers.
  • Auto Insurance Requirements Wisconsin | Milwaukee Attorneys On November first auto insurance requirements changed in Wisconsin. Before the first Wisconsin was one of only two states that did not require liability insurance.
  • Doctor Convicted in DWI and Wrongful Death Cases | Wisconsin Attorney A Wisconsin physician has been sentenced to 30 years for charges stemming from a deadly accident. The charges include: homicide by intoxicated use of a motor vehicle, DWI and causing injury while intoxicated. The accident killed three and injured two. This was the former physician’s fourth DWI conviction. If you have been injured during an auto accident please do not hesitate to call your Wisconsin wrongful death attorney at Hupy and Abraham today for your free consultation.
  • Milwaukee Attorney Explains Texting & Driving Danger Texting while driving can be dangerous and potentially fatal. Learn more about how a distracted driver puts motorists, passengers and pedestrians at risk.
  • Illinois Parolee Charged in Fatal Accident | IL Injury Attorney A man out of jail on parole has been charged again for reckless homicide. Police report that the accident killed a man from Country Club Hills.
  • Police Wrap-up OWI Crackdown | Wisconsin Car Accident Attorney A recent crackdown on drunk driving resulted in over 1,200 arrests. Wisconsin law enforcement officers hope that the crackdown has a long-term affect on drunk driving rates. If you have been seriously injured in a car accident please contact an attorney with experience; an attorney at Hupy and Abraham. Please contact us today for your free consultation.
  • Two Men Seriously Injured in Auto Accident | Wisconsin Injury Attorney A single car crash near Tipler, Wisconsin sent two men to the hospital with serious injuries. Alcohol and a lack of seat belts played a part in the accident. Injured in an auto accident? Please contact your Wisconsin attorneys with experience, Hupy and Abraham, for your free consultation.
  • Drunk Drivers Targeted by Police | Wisconsin (WI) Accident Attorney Over Labor Day weekend sheriffs’ departments in Grant County and across Wisconsin worked to discourage people from driving under the influence. The goal was not just to catch drunk drivers but to prevent people from drinking and driving. If you have been injured in an auto accident you need an experienced attorney. At Hupy and Abraham we have been winning maximum compensation for our clients for forty years. Please contact us today for your free consultation.
  • Traffic Fatalities Down in Wisconsin | Up in Brown County | Attorney Though traffic fatalities are down across the state of Wisconsin they continue to rise in Brown County. The major cause of accidents in Brown County is alcohol.