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Watch for Motorcycles at MOTOBLOT Chicago!


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Posted on Jun 29, 2017


If you’re not familiar with Chicago’s HOTTEST summer motorcycle, hot rod and scooter rally, you’re missing out! “Motoblot” is the evolved next step of the famous Illinois gathering “Mods versus Rockers,” and has something for the gearhead in all of us.



Stretching its wings in its fourth year of taking over the streets of the Cobra Lounge in Chicago (235 N. Ashland Ave.), this grass-roots, vintage-vibed event offers up a buffet of great activities for all attendees. Eye candy ranges from the mechanical with Motoblot’s “Best in Show” motorcycle competition, to the competitive “Miss Motoblot” pinup contest. The rally also includes a bike build-off, beer hall, pig roast and a big screen film festival presented by Harley-Davidson that features “moto-centric” films from around the world playing throughout the weekend.



If you have some shopping to do, Motoblot is a premier stop to make for the season. Whether it’s gifts for others or (more importantly) gifts for you, this three-day event hosts almost 100 vendors featuring top-shelf goods from around the country, including bike parts, custom boots, handmade leather apparel, fashion-forward riding gear, moto-T’s and flannels, artwork, trinkets, club and ride informationals, bike raffles and, of course, the Hupy and Abraham “Watch for Motorcycles” booth! But what’s varietal shopping and great food without good tunes to go with? Worry not, Motoblot and its seasoned coordinators have got you covered. This year, over 15 bands shared the big stage, including names like The Creepshow, Pegboy, and The Krank Daddies.



Every year, Hupy and Abraham, S.C. is proud to support amazing community events like Motoblot Chicago, and promote the “Watch for Motorcycles” message. The law firm of Hupy and Abraham has been involved with the motorcycle community around the Midwest for over 40 years. The firm is proud to be a collective on not only top-notch legal representation, but avid riders as well. To stay up to date on events this summer, check out our online event calendar here! And to get your FREE vintage “Watch for Motorcycles” bumper sticker in vintage black – click here!



Written by: Melissa Juranitch

Photos with permission by: Motoblot

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