Posted on Oct 23, 2014

By Drew Doc Webb

Investigator Drew Doc WebbThere is no official last ride of the season and every rider will make their own decision when it’s time to do so. Some riders will make an early call to take advantage storing their motorcycle through the winter in a warm, dry place at their local dealerships. With this storage, their motorcycle may have a package deal with the price of storage. It may include maintenance of the motorcycle such as an oil change, battery charge and a wash. I even know a dealership that will schedule visitation time if you’re missing your ride. I’m not kidding. Around here, it’s pretty serious stuff between an owner and their ride. I remember getting my first awesome Harley and my wife would have to remind me to come in the house for supper or to go to bed since I was living in my garage and tending to my Harley’s every need.  

Once your motorcycle is in storage at a dealership, you just can’t go pick it up and ride it a couple of nice days and return it. Remember, there are hundreds stored at one location and many would have to be moved just to try and accommodate you. Now for myself, I’m fortunate to have room in my garage. It’s a snug fit and I would have access to get it out and ride it if some nice days would occur. Some riders will define the end of the season by how the weather changes and certain lower temperature degrees that they will not tolerate. I can only speak for myself as I get older, I have become a fair weather rider and my friends remind me of that once and a while. When I was younger, I could ride when it was 32 degrees outside and just the excitement of calling my friends to do so was a thrill. Everybody thought you might be a little crazy or some would even have respect for you riding in cold weather. Your last ride is when you decide it is. I know riders, as well as you do, that never say this is my last ride. No matter when your last ride is, Hupy and Abraham S.C. wants you to be safe.

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