Posted on Jun 24, 2020

Stay Cool on Your Next Summer Ride

Summer is widely considered to be the peak of the motorcycle riding season. With the best weather, the calendar year has to offer, motorcyclists across the country take to the roadways to enjoy the sun and scenery from behind the handlebars.

But what if the sun gets to be too much? Summer can often bring with it days of extreme temperatures and being totally exposed to the elements on a motorcycle can make riding in these conditions difficult. However, we at Hupy and Abraham understand the love of riding shared by so many and want you to be able to get out there and ride as much as possible. To help ensure you can safely ride as much as possible this summer, we’ve compiled a few tips to keep you cool on your next ride.

First, and most obvious of all, is to stay hydrated. Whether you’re riding setup is more geared toward bringing a water bottle, using a hydration pack or simply stopping along the way, it is essential to replenish your fluids as you ride. Heat makes you sweat and sweating dehydrates you. Dehydration can lead to headaches and dizziness making riding dangerous.

It’s also important for riders not to ride on an empty stomach under particularly warm conditions. Pack some healthy snacks or stop and grab a bite to eat to ensure you stay full and energized to keep riding.

Another recommendation we have for beating the heat is soaking your shirt or bandana in cool water at a stop on your ride. This is most effective with moisture-wicking and breathable mesh gear as the breeze coming through your damp shirt will actively cool your body ensuring it doesn’t need to put in extra work to sweat and try to cool you off. And don’t worry about drying off as your clothes will dry fairly quickly as you ride. Stop and repeat this step as much as you see fit.

Finally, shade is often the best way to keep cool during a summer ride. As such, dusk and dawn are usually the best times to ride, and the sun won’t be beating down on you as much and temperatures will generally be lower. Additionally, plotting a ride through wooded areas will provide not only shade but also beautiful nature views as well. Trees absorb the heat and keep the sun from heating up the pavement beneath you as well.

Keeping these guidelines in mind and using your common sense will ensure that your next summertime ride is as safe and enjoyable as possible. For more relevant articles and guides for the biker lifestyle, be sure to check out the Current News for Riders page on

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