Posted on Aug 03, 2011

Jeremy Jenss, aged 21, of Sheboygan, was riding his 2008 Honda CBR south on Highway 67 last Friday when he attempted to pass another vehicle. Traveling 70 to 80 mph in a 55 mph zone, Jenss lost control of his motorcycle, struck a sign and several trees, and rode 400 feet further on the shoulder before falling from his bike, the reports.

The crash occurred at 3:10 p.m. south of Holzman Road in the Town of Rhine, Sgt. James Gottsacker of the County Sheriff's Department declared. Jenss was wearing a helmet. He was transported to Theda Clark Medical Center with an incapacitating injury.

Gottsacker said another person was injured the same day at 5:25 p.m. in a two-car crash, when a 1958 MG driven by Timothy Bechwar, 57, of West Bend, pulled out from Gate 6 at Road America onto Highway 67. The MG rode right into the front of a 2006 Buick, driven by Amy Petrie, 24, of Fond du Lac.

The crash injured a passenger of the MG, Benjamin Bechwar, 27, of Milwaukee, who was taken by ambulance to St. Nicholas Hospital in Sheboygan with non-life threatening injuries. Timothy Bechwar was cited for failure to yield.

Most Wisconsin motorists know that in merging traffic, vehicles coming onto the highway rarely slow down and yield. This has been the cause of countless accidents because the right lane highway vehicles expect them to yield and are forced, as a last resort, to either brake abruptly or move to the left lane to avoid a crash. Both maneuvers could cause a crash, while leaving the offender free to continue on his or her way.