Posted on Jul 30, 2020

Leather or Textile, Which Motorcycle Jacket is Better?

No piece of gear is quite as synonymous with the biker lifestyle as a classic leather motorcycle jacket. However, technological advancements in the past years and the riding communities' growing desire for versatility in their riding gear have paved the way for a new type of motorcycle outerwear, the textile jacket. The existence of two popular varieties of motorcycle jacket begs the question, which type of jacket is better? The answer is unfortunately not so simple

When looking at leather versus textile motorcycle jackets, there are clear positives and negatives to each. For our interests, however, we’d like to look at the different protections offered by leather jackets and textile jackets in hopes that it may better inform your next jacket purchase. After all, we at Hupy and Abraham value the safety of all riders and strive to provide the best information to keep them as safe as possible each time they get behind the handlebars.

Starting with classic leather jackets, there is a clear reason why riders have been wearing leather almost as long as motorcycles have existed. Leather provides some of the best abrasion protection available, while also providing optimal comfort and range of motion. However, leather is far from the most breathable material and can get very warm especially on summer rides. Additionally, the lack of waterproofing in more affordable leather jacket options can greatly limit a rider’s ability to ride when they want to.

Textile jackets, on the other hand, offer much more versatility for riding in different weather conditions with much more breathable construction and more readily available waterproof functionality. These options can allow textile jackets to function better across all seasons and keep riders riding in any month of the year. Textile jackets also use different combinations and weights of materials at high impact points like shoulders and elbows that can provide a jacket that’s lighter than the standard leather, while still being just as protective, if not more.

Despite these differences, both varieties of jacket can feature the same types of body armor. Whether built into the jacket or in removable sections, both leather and textile jackets can often utilize the exact same types of motorcycle armor. This ensures that whether you prefer one or the other, you can still receive the best protection should you choose to seek it out. The newer protection technology of wearable airbags can also be easily paired with either leather or textile riding jackets.

While textile and leather motorcycle jackets can differ slightly in the comfort they provide in different climates, at the end of the day, they can generally offer the same types of protections that most riders would look for. As a result, the decision between textile and leather comes down to rider preference. Shop around and look at several different jackets to find the one that fits your specific needs best.

As we’ve said before, safety is always a top priority for our firm and we encourage riders to take every necessary step to ensure their safety. However, even with the best protective gear, it is impossible to control the actions of other motorists and accidents can still happen.

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