Posted on Jun 26, 2019

Important Tips For Perfecting Your Motorcycle Lean

It is common knowledge among riders that motorcycles operate best when they are positioned in an upright position. Tires have the best traction and the suspension components work best when in their usual vertical alignment. However, it is necessary for riders to lean as they go through turns, so it can often be difficult to maintain optimal control over the bike. 

Many things are to be kept in mind as you lean into a turn, but the most important concept is to keep track of your center of gravity. While it is next to impossible to change your bike’s center of gravity, angling your body atop the bike can shift your body’s center of gravity. Positioning your body to create a lower center of gravity means that you do most of the work and your bike won’t have to lean over as much to navigate the turn.

Reducing the amount your bike must lean in a turn will allow for more rubber from your tires to make contact with the riding surface. Ensuring adequate traction can significantly decrease the risk of losing control and tumbling over.

Finally, if a rider hangs far enough off their bike to touch their knee to the ground, they can not only create a very low and stable center of gravity, but also use their knee to stabilize themselves through the turn. While this is generally a technique reserved for racers, all riders can benefit from hanging off in turns, especially in unfavorable road conditions.

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