Posted on Oct 17, 2019

Important Steps For Winter Motorcycle Storage

While many riders love enjoying the outdoors on their motorcycle in all seasons, some of us don’t live in an area that realistically allows for riding year-round. With the temperatures dropping quickly, it seems as though winter is right around the corner here in the Midwest and it’s important that riders know how to properly approach the changing weather.

For many riders, winter means putting the bike away until spring returns. Freezing temperatures and worsening road conditions can create dangerous situations for motorcycle riding in the winter. Even when riders take all necessary precautions to ensure that they are riding safely during winter months, other drivers may not be as wise and can, in turn, pose a significant risk to bikers.

As a result of these factors, storing the motorcycle for the season may be the best choice for many bikers out there. Should you feel the need to put your bike away for the coming winter months, it is important to understand the necessary steps for proper storage. Following this list will ensure that bikes will be safe and reliable when riders bring them out again come springtime.

For the best winter storage, riders should do the following:

  • Change the oil: Even if you’ve just recently changed your oil, you should still put in fresh oil. The fresh oil will get rid of any byproducts produced from combustion that could damage the motorcycle during storage.
  • Add a fuel stabilizer: Fill the gas tank up and add a winterizing fuel conditioner. The stabilizer will keep the fuel from going stale or freezing, which can be extremely harmful to the motorcycle.
  • Store the battery: Remove the battery from the motorcycle and keep it away from freezing temperatures, which can damage it. The battery should be recharged every two weeks, as it will slowly lose charge, even when sitting dormant.
  • Protect the surfaces: Give your bike a fresh coat of wax. The wax will act as a barrier against rust and moisture. Also, lightly spray all metal surfaces with WD-40 to prevent corrosion and rust.
  • Store it: Once you are ready to park it for the winter, find a dry place to keep it and cover it with a motorcycle tarp to protect it from any dust and moisture.

Properly maintaining your bike is essential to ensuring that it will operate at optimal performance, and the winter months are no different. Following these tips will make sure that when the snow melts and the temperatures rise again, your bike will be as ready as you to get back on the road.

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