Posted on Apr 10, 2014

Under current regulatory law, your lawyer could be under investigation for overbilling, or even stealing from clients. And guess what?

He could be in prison and you wouldn’t even know.

All because the Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) is not allowed to disclose when an attorney is being formally investigated until the investigation reaches a conclusion. Furthermore, Attorney Michael Hupy has noted the state bar won’t even tell people that a lawyer is in prison for defrauding clients until a formal complaint is filed.

In essence, a lawyer can steal from clients and keep doing it while they’re being investigated and the OLR won’t tell anybody. What’s worse is that these investigations sometimes take years.

As the process drags out, not only does the lawyer in question keep their license, but all of their potential new clients put themselves at risk. Most people would think twice about hiring a lawyer who’s being investigated for misconduct, but the OLR doesn’t give them the chance.

Awhile back, a Milwaukee lawyer with offices in multiple states was in federal prison but continued to send brochures to prospective clients prompting them to "hire a lawyer you can trust." Since the public wasn't aware he was in prison, the firm that beared his name continued on with business as usual.

Fortunately, something is being done to address the problem.

On February 24, 2014, the Wisconsin Supreme Court heard a petition that would permit the OLR to tell the public when a lawyer is being investigated for misconduct. Finally, the courts are considering what Attorney Hupy has long advocated.

If the petition is passed, the public will have the knowledge they need to make an informed decision when choosing an attorney. But until then, it’s important to choose a law firm that has a reputation built on integrity.

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