Posted on Jul 10, 2019

How to Find the Ideal Riding Partner

One of the most important decisions a motorcycle rider can make is choosing a riding partner. Finding another individual with the same passion for riding as you is important for both safety reasons and overall enjoyment, as riding alone may not be ideal for some. Many factors bikers should consider when looking for a partner to ride with will greatly benefit them in the long run.

Overall, it’s important to find a riding buddy of a comparable skill level. Being able to learn and grow as a rider is much more rewarding when you’re learning along with someone else. Partnering with a master when you’ve just started riding a few months ago won’t make for an ideal pairing. A veteran rider doesn’t want to be held back by someone who is still learning, and a newcomer doesn’t want to feel outmatched or get left behind by someone well above their skill set.

Finding someone with similar goals and interests is also highly encouraged for riders. It wouldn’t be ideal for a sport bike rider looking to grow as an amateur racer to pair with a touring rider planning a road trip across the country. Ensuring you find a partner (or group) with similar goals and expectations is key to getting the most out of your rides. However, all of this may beg the question as to how exactly riders can meet each other – especially if they just moved to a new area.

Riders can easily find and connect with one another through various forums and online riding groups. Be on the lookout for active groups in your community. Groups can be very broad or incredibly niche with more specific groups being extremely helpful in finding a suitable riding buddy. Search for groups that share similar interests to you and embody your riding lifestyle, and you’ll be sure to find a suitable partner that way.

A good riding partner can help you grow as a rider, make rides more fun and interactive and ensure that you get home safely as it always helps to have someone watching your back. For more information and tips for riding, check out the articles on our Current News for Riders page on

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