Posted on Aug 09, 2019

How To Deter Motorcycle Theft

While it may be an unfortunate fact to face, as long as people have things that others want, theft will still be prevalent in the world. Motorcycles can often be the objects of thieves’ desires, even more so than automobiles, mostly due to their smaller size and ease of accessibility. Because of this, riders are encouraged to take all necessary precautions in deterring thieves from making off with their beloved bikes. The following are some simple steps that any rider can take in protecting their motorcycles from would-be thieves.

While this may seem obvious, locking your bike up is an essential part of keeping your bike safe. Ideally, riders should lock their bikes tightly in a garage or shed when not in use. Should you not have access to such storage options, strong locks for the front and back wheels of your bike and/or a heavy chain looped through your bike’s frame and attached to an immovable object should do the trick. While many locks and chains can be bypassed with the use of brute force, simply making your bike seem like more trouble than it’s worth will be enough to turn interested parties away.

Parking your bike out of site can help to keep it from those who may be interested in stealing it. This can be achieved using garages or other storage areas to keep your bike hidden when not in use. Should you rely on street parking or shared parking structures, something as simple as a plain cover can often be all it takes for your bike to fly under the radar of thieves. This also conceals whatever locking and security measures you may have taken, making it hard for thieves to come prepared to handle them.

Finally, while it may be a bit of an investment, purchasing security systems such as cameras or motion- activated lights and alarms are highly encouraged to further deter theft. Having closed-circuit cameras or alarms surrounding the storage area of your bike visible to all will often be more than enough to make thieves think twice before approaching.

We encourage riders to get creative with how they protect their bikes. The more complicated and difficult it is to access the bike, the less likely you are to have issues with potential thieves who will almost always choose the path of least resistance.

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