Posted on May 23, 2019

How to Comfortably Ride a Sport Bike

Good posture matters in all aspects of life and is especially essential for motorcycle riding. With most sport bikes having a more forward-leaning riding position than most traditional motorcycles, finding the best posture can be difficult.

Following are some tips and techniques to improve your riding posture and ensure both comfort and safety on your next ride:

  1. Find a comfortable seating position: When getting on your bike, take some time to ensure you’re seated in a comfortable position.
  2. Keep proper elbow posture: It’s important to not lock your elbows while riding and keep a slight bend in your arms to ensure your arms are more able to absorb the bumps and shocks associated with riding.
  3. Hug the fuel tank with your thighs: Firmly grabbing the fuel tank with your thighs can take a great deal of weight off of your hands on the handlebars and greatly reduce the possibility of wrist pain following extended periods of riding. This technique can also help riders maintain stability while braking.
  4. Don’t hunch: While you shouldn’t sit upright on a sport bike, riders are advised to keep their backs straight while riding, as it will prevent the soreness that comes from hunching.
  5. Stay on your toes: Resting the front part of the feet on the pegs ensures a rider will be able to easily shift their weight when cornering and keep your movements more in sync with those of the bike.
  6. Wear the right clothes: Loose-fitting clothes are a surefire way to hate riding a sport bike. Formfitting riding gear is encouraging as it greatly reduces drag on the rider and helps keep you stable at higher speeds, which in turn keeps the bike stable as well.

Making a habit of these riding techniques will greatly increase your comfort and ease of riding the next time you get on your sport bike.

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