Posted on Jul 23, 2020

How Proper Mirror Position Can Keep Riders Safe

One of the most important tools at the disposal of any motorcycle rider is their own vision. As such, it should go without saying that riders ought to do everything in their power to maximize their ability to see potential hazards every time they get behind the handlebars. Despite this, many riders are completely unaware that the current position of their right and left mirrors should be adjusted to provide a much better point of view

Next time you get on your bike, before you set off for your ride, have a quick look at your side mirrors. Compare the view that you see in both of them and if you are seeing roughly the same picture in both of them, it may be worth it to angle them both slightly outward.

Keeping your side mirrors angled aggressively inward will give you a very focused view of all objects directly behind you. While it is important to easily see what is directly behind you, it is also important to see objects to your sides behind you. Shifting the mirrors outward slightly will widen your rear view and allow you to more readily see objects that may have otherwise been in your blind spots. 

Visualization of proper motorcycle mirror position to avoid blind spots

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Ideally, you want your mirror position to allow you to clearly see objects directly behind you in each mirror, but with very little overlap in the pictures you see with either mirror. Having a distinctly different view will mean that you won’t need to turn your head as much to look around for cars or other potential hazards in your blind spots and allow you to face forward much more consistently. 

Almost as important as setting up your own mirrors to get a better picture of your rearview while riding, it is also essential to position yourself in the best place to be seen by other vehicle mirrors. Ensure that while riding behind vehicles you are well within their field of view for the rearview mirror. Additionally, if you find yourself riding alongside another vehicle, take note of their side-view mirrors. If you can’t see yourself in them, then they cannot see you!

These simple adjustments before your next ride could prove to be the difference between seeing and missing potentially dangerous situations. However, should you or a loved one take all necessary precautions and still fall victim to a motorcycle accident that leaves you injured, the attorneys at Hupy and Abraham have the skills and experience necessary to give you the best possible legal representation and recovery. We’ve represented thousands of injured riders and helped them recover millions of dollars over the years. Our offices can be reached at 800-800-5678 or via online chat at

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