Posted on Jul 16, 2020

Harley-Davidson Launches New Rider Education Programs

Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson has recently unveiled their new rider education courses -- the “Experience the Ride” and “Learn to Ride” programs. Developed from extensive rider feedback, Harley dealers will begin offering these two new programs to help potential riders learn the ropes in a much more convenient manner.

Harley will offer a much more personalized training experience with their new programs as they can be in one-on-one sessions or in private groups of up to four participants. Each of the two new modules will focus on specific segments of new riders.

Experience the Ride will be geared toward people that have never ridden a motorcycle in their lives, but are looking to try it. Courses will have professional coaches providing instruction to participants on how exactly to ride and highlighting some of the skills riders need before they get behind the handlebars.

Experience the Ride will then allow participants – under professional supervision – to ride a Harley-Davidson Street 500 throughout a practice course to get a feel for what riding is really like in a low-pressure environment. The intent of this program is to allow potential riders to figure out whether or not riding is something they would like to explore further with very little commitment.

The next new course offered by Harley is the Learn to Ride program. This module will serve as the next step in the educational process once new riders have some experience riding and feel they want to know more. Learn to Ride will be very similar to Harley’s previous Riding Academy New Rider Course in that it will help new riders gain the vital skills and techniques needed to get their motorcycle endorsement.

What sets this new program apart from previous classes is that it will allow new riders a whole other level of flexibility in offering private lessons with certified instructors. This will help the many busy individuals that would like to learn to ride, but simply cannot fit a multiday training course into their packed schedule. Private lessons will also ensure that no new rider is left behind if they have some issues holding them back from the rest of their classmates.

Harley is clearly looking to cater to potential new riders as much as possible and the level of personalization and accommodation offered in their new Learn to Ride program is truly admirable. However, only time will tell if these new training offerings will provide the boost to sales and ridership that Harley is looking for.

Classes will be held at participating Harley-Davidson dealerships which be found on the Harley website. Those interested can also find schedules and make reservations through the Harley-Davidson Rider Academy website.

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