Posted on Nov 27, 2019

gift ideas that are both fun and practical that any rider will love

With the Christmas season right around the corner, many people will find themselves in a mad dash to find the right gifts for their friends and loved ones. Thankfully, you won’t have to worry about the stress of shopping around for the motorcycle rider in your life as we’ve compiled a list of excellent gift ideas that are both fun and practical that any rider will love.  

  • Something that any biker will love is a new pair of gloves. They ensure adequate protection and are highly encouraged for all riders. Replacing gloves when necessary is a must to keep hands safe and ensure riders are operating at peak performance.
  • Should you know a biker that likes to keep riding into the colder months of the year, hand warmers are a great idea, especially when paired with new gloves. Keeping hands warm helps ensure good circulation and will prevent hands from getting numb (which can often be very dangerous).
  • Every rider needs a good tire pressure gauge and this tool would make a great addition to any rider’s toolkit. Helping your friend be aware of and maintain safe tire pressure will allow them to ride worry-free and help them know when it’s time for new tires.
  • A first-aid kit also makes for a great addition to a rider’s saddlebag. Most first-aid kits you can buy commercially will be packed full of all the supplies and materials to treat small injuries that can occur on the road. While you hope they’ll never need a first-aid kit, don’t let the rider in your life go without one.
  • If the rider in your life takes especially high pride in the appearance of his bike, an auto detailing kit may prove very useful. In addition to making their ride look its best, regularly cleaning a bike can also help ensure it runs properly free of dust and debris in vital areas.

Any one of these gifts is sure to delight the biker in your life this holiday season and, more importantly, will keep them safe and confident behind the handlebars. 

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