Posted on Mar 19, 2020

French Manufacturer Aims to Save Lives with Gloves

In the event of a motorcycle accident, first responders need every advantage when approaching and caring for an injured rider. Often times, medical files can be an invaluable resource to emergency service that could mean the difference between life and death. A problem arises, however, as most of the time, these files are most readily accessible via the rider’s mobile device, which could be locked and inaccessible.

That’s where French motorcycle equipment manufacturer Racer comes in. They’ve recently been focusing their resources on developing a motorcycle glove that will allow emergency services to access important medical records, even if the rider’s phone is locked. They recently received significant financial support from investors LinkSport Capital and 123IM and are looking to expand their operation globally.

The way it all works is like this: Each pair of Racer’s new “smart gloves” comes with a unique QR code that is tied directly to the owner’s medical history. First responders would need to simply scan the QR code on the cuff of the glove to have access to the rider’s allergies, blood type and other necessary medical information. This code would also allow emergency services to quickly contact the family members of the injured rider.

Additional funding provided by LinkSport and 123IM will help to support Racer’s research and development, range diversification and global expansion. The brand has currently set its sites on expanding their efforts into the rest of Europe, Asia and Canada.

The ability to access medical information in an instant is absolutely essential to ensuring that emergency services can provide all the assistance they need to an injured rider. In much the same way, finding the right attorney is also important for injured riders to adequately recover from their accident, both emotionally and financially.

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