Posted on Jul 17, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About Motorcycle Tire Pressure

Your motorcycle’s tires are what stick to the road and properly maintaining them will ensure a safe and comfortable ride. One of the most important factors to consider when taking care of tires is tire pressure. Ensuring optimal tire pressure is essential for all riders and can be incredibly dangerous if left unchecked.

A tire with too little air can cause your ride to behave erratically and cause premature and uneven wear on the tires. In extreme cases, tires with extremely low air pressure can loosen themselves from the wheel, which can almost guarantee a crash. Putting too much air in tires can prevent them from gripping the riding surface properly and making for a very hard and uncomfortable ride.

The first thing all riders must do that seems obvious is the regularly check tire pressure. Best practices suggest that riders check tire pressure about twice a week during regular riding and, as much as once a day if riders are taking their bikes for a long road trip. Take note of any changes in tire pressure and add or release air as needed.

It’s important to check tire pressure when tires are cold, ideally at night or first thing in the morning. During the day, tires will heat up causing the air within them to expand and increase the pressure giving an inaccurate reading.

Your owner’s manual will provide the proper pressure figures for your specific bike, as ideal pressure is different for every type of bike. Make sure not to fill your tires to the “MAX PSI” number listed on your tire sidewalls – this is far too much pressure and can be extremely dangerous.

Finally, it’s important for all riders to use a quality and accurate gauge when checking their tire pressure. And, consistently use the same gauge to ensure they always get an accurate reading as different gauges can vary by as much as several pounds.

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