Posted on Mar 30, 2010
Cleviprex, an injectable blood pressure medication, had been recalled.  The drug is used in patients with high blood pressure when oral therapies are not possible or desirable.  

The recall affects only certain batches of the drug and is in reaction to contaminated vials.  Particles made up primarily of inert stainless steel have been found in multiple batches of the Cleviprex.  

Experimental data has shown that the particles can be taken into the blood stream by the bodies cells.  According to the Center for Disease Control these particles could theoretically, "reduce the blood flow in capillaries, cause mechanical damage to some tissues, or initiate acute or chronic inflammatory reactions.  Reduced blood supply to tissues may lead to ischemia or organ insufficiency in the brain, kidney, liver, heart or lungs."

The voluntary recall has recently been expanded to include additional batches of the drug. If you have had an adverse reaction to Cleviprex please report it to the FDA.

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