Posted on May 29, 2020

Defensive riding Strategies for motorcyclists

May is quickly coming to a close and summer is upon us. While most of us spent the past month social distancing and quarantining, restrictions are beginning to loosen and people will be taking in the summer weather as much as possible. As such, it is more than likely that we will see more motorcyclists on the roads in the coming weeks to make the most out of riding season.

While May was officially Motorcycle Awareness Month, we at Hupy and Abraham understand that motorists need to be aware of riders during all months of the year. While it is impossible for riders to control the actions of other motorists, we have compiled a list of defensive riding tactics that motorcyclists can employ on their next ride to ensure they arrive at their destination safely.

  • Take care of your bike: While this one may go without saying, properly maintaining your motorcycle is essential to your riding safety. Ensuring your brakes are in excellent condition, replacing burned out lights and blinkers and performing all other necessary maintenance will all significantly contribute to a safer ride. We encourage riders to check their oil, fluids, belts, brakes and tire pressure before each ride.
  • Stay alert: We do our best to encourage motorists to actively watch out for riders. It is also wise for riders to keep their eyes peeled for inattentive or reckless drivers. It is not a rider’s responsibility to ensure someone is driving safely, but should someone be especially careless or dangerous in their driving, it is important for riders to be on the lookout so they can identify and react to potential threats as soon as possible.
  • Remain visible: As we have discussed in recent articles, it is important for riders to make themselves as visible as possible. Using your lights even when it is not dark, wearing reflective gear and avoiding cars’ blind spots will help motorists to better see you and keep you safe.
  • Be confident, but not aggressive: Hesitation and indecision are some of the biggest contributors to road accidents, so it is important for riders to be confident in their decision-making. Speeding up or slowing down to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles, using close by vehicles to shield yourself as you pass through intersections and fully committing to all riding decisions are necessary to keeping yourself safe and ensuring your movements are easily telegraphed and predictable to surrounding motorists.
  • Stay educated: Always know your route before you even set out on your ride. If there are unusual traffic patterns or laws or if you are going through unfamiliar areas, it is important that you familiarize yourself with all the factors that you will experience out on the road.

By following these tactics and, of course, always using your common sense, you can ensure that you will have the safest ride possible the next time you get behind the handlebars. However, should you or a loved one be injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important to reach out to attorneys that know how best to help you.

The attorneys at Hupy and Abraham have helped thousands of injured riders recover millions of dollars over the years and have the skills you need to build a successful personal injury case. Our offices can be reached at 800-800-5678 or via online chat at

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