Posted on Jul 01, 2020

BMW Deploys Radar-Guided Cruise Control for Motorcycles

German auto manufacturer BMW has officially joined the ever-growing list of motorcycle brands that are incorporating radar-guided cruise control into their safety features. BMW joined forces with German tech manufacturer Bosch to develop an active cruise control (ACC) system that allows riders to not only select their cruising speed, but also the distance they’d like to maintain from the vehicle ahead of them. This automated distance management is made possible through the use of a radar sensor at the front of the motorcycle.

A radar system is used to track the position and speed of the vehicle in front of the motorcycle and uses this data to adjust the motorcycle’s speed as needed to maintain the preferred following distance. The system features two different modes, comfortable and dynamic, which change how aggressively the motorcycle will automatically speed up or slow down while in cruise control.

The cruise control also features a helpful “curve speed control,” which manages the motorcycle’s speed while turning to maintain a comfortable and safe lean angle. Essentially, the more a rider leans into a turn, the more the cruise control will limit speed adjustments to avoid throwing off the rider’s concentration. Riders will not need to worry about any unexpected acceleration while leaning through turns if the radar system loses sight of the vehicle ahead, it’s programmed to maintain a consistent speed through turns.

Riders will, however, need to do their own braking when it comes to stationary vehicles, as the radar system won’t respond to them. Riders utilizing this system are advised to stay alert and brake as needed when approaching a stopped vehicle or traffic jam.

And if for whatever reason the system is unable to fulfill its designated functions, riders will be alerted with an icon on their dash telling them that they are in full control of the motorcycle. Riders will also be able to set three different presets for following distance, allowing them to close or widen the gap between them and the vehicle in front of them at any time.

BMW has not yet announced when exactly this system will launch, or which bikes it will be included on, but regardless it will surely help to keep more and more riders safe on the roads.

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