Posted on Jun 12, 2019

Clippings create an extremely slick surface on roadways that can often be worse than ice

While at first, it may seem to be a harmless bit of rubbish that’s easily traversed, grass clippings and other yard waste can pose serious risks to motorcycle riders. Motorcycle rider groups, police and fire departments and countless individuals have spoken out about the danger posed by grass clippings left in roadways.

The clippings create an extremely slick surface on roadways that can often be worse than ice, which can easily cause motorcyclists to lose control of their bikes and subsequently crash as a result. Motorcycles – and all motor vehicles – maintain traction and control through contact between tires and the road. Putting anything between tires and road instantly compromises a motorcycle’s grip and handling and can cause serious accidents.

Many states have laws in place to ensure people clean up their yard waste and don’t blow it onto public roads or highways. However, accountability can often be lacking. Should you be performing yard work, it’s essential that you clean up after yourself and not leave your yard waste on roadways to cause accidents.

Motorcyclists are encouraged to take extra care when traversing roads where yard waste is present. If you see grass clippings in the road ahead of you, slow down and proceed with extra caution to make it through safely. If you regularly see yard waste covering roadways near you, it might be wise to contact law enforcement or local government that they help to keep the roadways safe for everyone.

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