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Attorney Jason Abraham is Honored with Classroom Project


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Posted on Apr 18, 2016
Student using the new laminator.

Hupy and Abraham employees go above and beyond for both their clients and their community. In December 2015, Sarah Olsen, Litigation Paralegal to Attorney Jason Abraham, funded a classroom project in honor of Attorney Abraham.

In accordance with Hupy and Abrahams's mission to give back to the community, Sarah Olsen chose to sponsor a project that would benefit a Milwaukee classroom in need. She selected the “Laminate and Learning is a Blast” project submitted to, by teacher Maria Torres.

Mrs. Torres was seeking a lamination machine for her classroom to help first, second and third grade students complete hands-on activities that support their memory, understanding and access to a grade level curriculum. The school is the largest elementary school in the district and state. However, nearly 95 percent of the school’s students are eligible for free lunch and come from a poverty-stricken community.

Students making flashcards.

All of Mrs. Torres’ students are special needs, and they will utilize the laminator and accompanying materials for a variety of projects that will help build their learning skills. In her project request she said, “Creating engaging and effective hands on activities for students with special needs to bridge the learning gap is as important as it sounds. My students are delayed in some areas, but the effort they put forth each day at school motivates me to do all I can to support their progress. They are unique individuals and can make gains like any other child. The difference only is in what I can use to reach their interests and learning style.”

When the students received their gift, Mrs. Torres sent the following thank you, and several photos of the students working on their first projects.

Students use laminated materials to compete first hands-on project.

Thank you to Sarah Olsen for her gift in Attorney Abraham’s name, and to all of our dedicated employees who choose to support the firm’s mission to do well, by doing good. Hupy and Abraham is dedicated to serving our community, and over the last three years, Hupy and Abraham has donated more than $500,000 to over 250 worthwhile causes and community organizations.

Jill Erin Wellskopf
Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham

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