Posted on Apr 17, 2019

Are You Ready to Take Your Bike on a Road Trip?

With temperatures rising and summer right around the corner, road trip season will soon be upon us as well. People across the country will be packing up, taking to the roadways and traveling to all of their favorite summer destinations. It should go without saying that a sizeable proportion of these people will be motorcycle riders.

Getting Ready for Your Road Trip:

Many riders don’t consider all the necessary steps for planning a safe road trip, but there are quite a few key things you need to be sure to cover before setting off. Before you even think about taking your bike on a trip across the town -- let alone a cross-country road trip – it is important to perform a thorough check of the important mechanical and electrical systems of your bike. Ensure everything is in proper working order before you ride anywhere. It is also important to check your tire tread and replace tires as needed.

It is also advised that you look into biker-friendly accommodations for your trip. Plot your journey around motorcycle-friendly attractions, restaurants and lodging to make sure you keep the right company during your trip.

Riders should also set realistic expectations for the distances they’ll be traveling. Just because your bike can go 400 miles doesn’t necessarily mean your body will too. Plan stops for food and rest to ensure you give your body ample time to rest and recover before setting off again. Also, be sure to plot out your gas stops ahead of time and make a habit of filling up before the last minute to prevent you from running out of gas several miles from the next exit.

Finally, it’s imperative that you have an emergency plan in place before you leave. Let your family and friends know your plans for the trip and regularly check in with them. So, should something go wrong, they’ll know and be able to take the proper steps to get you help quickly.

The last thing you’d want to think about is the potential of being injured in an accident while riding. But that’s a reality many bikers have to face during their lifetime. It’s important for injured riders to seek skilled legal representation in order to receive the best possible compensation for their injuries.  Hupy and Abraham has represented thousands of injured bikers and have the skills and expertise needed to take on your motorcycle accident case. Our offices can be reached at 800-800-5678 or via live chat at

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