In December 2012, Honda recalled more than 800,000 SUVs and minivans. The ignition lock in these vehicles may wear out prematurely, allowing the key to be removed even when the vehicle is not in “park.” This can cause the vehicle to roll. The recalled vehicles included these models:

  • 2003-'04 Honda Odyssey minivans
  • 2003-'04 Pilot SUV
  • 2003-'06 Acura MDX SUV

The recall was announced after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) received 43 complaints from consumers, including 16 reports of accidents and two reports of injuries. The ignition lock problem has been an issue for Honda since 2003. More than 2.2 million vehicles have been recalled for ignition lock defects in the past ten years. Honda owners will be notified about the recall later this month.

Honda, Toyota, and other auto manufacturers recalled a total of 16.2 million vehicles in 2012. Problems ranged from fire risk from short-circuiting window switches to welding errors that could cause the hood to suddenly spring up to defective airbags.

How do you know if your vehicle has been recalled? It’s easy. Just look for your car in the NHTSA’s recall database. You can find information about complaints, investigations, recalls and service bulletins. You can even make a complaint of your own.

Cars are supposed to provide a safe form of transportation. When a recalled vehicle causes a Milwaukee auto accident, those who are injured have a right to accountability and compensation. However, you will need to provide evidence to support your Wisconsin accident injury case. Our Milwaukee accident attorneys suggest the following:

  • Photograph the car immediately after the accident.
  • Don’t get your vehicle repaired until after the investigation. Store the car in a secure location.
  • Contact a Milwaukee personal injury attorney.


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