Due to Wisconsin’s large size and population, odds are high that you will experience a car accident at some point in your life. Hopefully, it will be a minor one and the damages will be negligible. However, in the case of severe car wreck, it is not uncommon for those involved or their loved ones to experience post-traumatic shock. The attorneys at Hupy and Abraham provide an overview about shock.

Important Facts about Shock Following a Car Accident

  • Shock can be either physiological or psychological, and in the case of a bad car accident, one may experience psychological shock.
  • Symptoms of psychological shock include:
    • Intrusion, fixating on the event by replaying it constantly in one’s head.
    • Avoidance, withdrawing from hobbies and possibly turning to substance abuse.
    • Change in mood, displaying a shortened temper and heightened anger.
  • Shock can make people slow to react to a crisis, such as dealing with the aftermath of a car accident.
  • Pain may go unnoticed by someone who is experiencing shock. This is one more reason why it is so crucial to make a trip to a hospital following a car wreck.
  • Shock may result in difficulty or inability of breathing. If someone is in shock, they should not be given food or liquids for risk of inhalation and should be evaluated for possible CPR maneuver.
  • Shock is caused by a lack of blood flow. The loosening of tight clothing or any constricting materials may enable blood flow and allow someone who is experiencing shock after an accident to return to normal.
  • Temperature control can play a role in reducing shock; wrapping them in a blanket may help with blood flow.

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