There is a certain amount of faith that you put in other people every time that you get behind the wheel. Obviously, you can’t know everything about every other driver with whom you may come into close contact on the road. It would be impossible—but think about how that knowledge might change your actions if you had it. If you knew a driver was tired, drunk, or distracted would you leave a larger distance between yourself and that car? Would you be extra alert? Would you be able to avoid Milwaukee auto accidents?

Assume All Other Milwaukee Drivers Are Negligent or Distracted

Since you can’t know exactly what is going on with other drivers, it is important to assume that they are all tired, distracted, or drunk. These conditions may be more common that you might think. It is easy to imagine, for example:

  • The young parent who had a sleepless night with a new baby.
  • The employee who had a few too many drinks with colleagues after work.
  • The driver whose text message just couldn’t wait until he reached his destination.
  • Countless other scenarios result in a driver who could make a dangerous mistake.

Since you can’t identify which drivers are distracted, tired, or drunk it is important to assume that they all are and to drive defensively. This may help you avoid some accidents, but it may not allow you to avoid all Milwaukee auto accidents.

Call a Milwaukee Accident Lawyer Today If You’ve Been Hurt

Even the most diligent drivers are at risk from the negligent or deliberate actions of other drivers. You can do your best and still be at the mercy of others. You can still be hurt. If this has happened to you then we encourage you to contact an experienced Wisconsin car accident attorney today at 1-800-800-5678 or 414-223-4800 and to download a FREE copy of our book, The Ultimate Guide for Automobile Accident Victims, for more information.