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You were hurt in a limo crash that you didn’t cause and that you couldn’t prevent. It only seems fair that you make a full and complete financial recovery for the injuries that you’ve suffered. However, your recovery will not be automatic. Even though you aren’t legally responsible for the accident, you will need to prove who is liable for the crash, you will need to make a strong legal case, and you will need to contact an experienced Iowa limo accident lawyer.

Potential Defendants in a Limousine Accident Case

The defendant(s) in your limo accident case will depend on who caused the crash. Some of the possibilities include:

  • The limo driver. The limo driver, or the limo driver’s employer if the driver was acting within the scope of his employment, may be liable for any limo accident injuries. Distracted, drunk, drowsy, or otherwise negligent limo drivers could be defendants in a limo accident case.
  • The limo company. A trucking company’s failure to do a reasonable background check, failure to train a limo driver, failure to have appropriate policies and procedures, failure to provide a safe vehicle, or another form of negligence could make the limo company legally responsible for any injuries that result from a limo accident.
  • The limo maker. Limos are often smaller vehicles that have been split down the middle and revamped. When limos are altered in this way, the vehicle may become unstable and unsafe. The person or business that changed the limo could be responsible for any accidents that result from the renovations. Similarly, if the limo was made in a factory, then the original manufacturing company could be liable for any injuries that result from a manufacturing defect.
  • The limo maintenance provider. The company or individual that performed maintenance on the limo might be liable if they failed to fix a problem that a reasonable person with similar qualifications would have recognized and fixed. A maintenance provider may also be liable if their work creates a new problem that causes an accident.

If you file your lawsuit against the wrong defendant, then the defendant will motion the court to dismiss your case, and you won’t recover damages.

What Makes a Strong Limo Accident Case

Identifying the right defendants is only part of what you need to do after a limo crash. You will also need to build a strong case against the defendant(s) so that the responsible insurance company is convinced to settle with you or so that the court finds in your favor.

This will require evidence. Some of the evidence that could be useful in your case includes:

  • Interrogatories and depositions
  • Witness statements
  • Limo maintenance records
  • Limo company policies and procedures
  • Limo driver’s employee file that includes a background check, driving history and training history
  • Police report
  • Photos or video of the accident scene, the vehicles involved in the crash, or your injuries

Your attorney can use this evidence, and any other relevant evidence, to convince the insurance company or the court that you should recover damages. Insurance companies that do business in Iowa know that Hupy and Abraham means business and their adjusters are often willing to negotiate with us. However, if they are not willing to negotiate in good faith, then we will not hesitate to go to court to protect your recovery.

Call an Iowa Accident Lawyer to Get Started

Recovering damages for a limo crash injury can be overwhelming. There is so much evidence to gather and so many potential defendants to consider.

You do not have to make these decisions or pursue a case alone. Our experienced Iowa personal injury lawyers would be pleased to provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation about your rights. Not only will your first meeting be free, but you will not owe us anything unless we recover money for you through settlement negotiations or in court. To learn more about how we may be able to help you, please start a live chat with us now.

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