Bike To School Day

May 9 is National Bike to School Day and many students across the country will likely be participating. Given the high number of students who will be riding their bikes to and from class this day, it is important to take extra care as a driver to be aware of their presence on and near the road.

As with motorcycle riders, bicycle riders are much smaller and harder to see than cars and require extra attentiveness to notice. Drivers must refrain from any and all distractions to ensure that these kids make it to school safely.

We at Hupy and Abraham love to see children participating in events such as biking to school and understand the major benefits of biking as opposed to driving. That said, we would like to extend a challenge to all drivers to keep themselves alert and attentive not only on National Bike to School Day, but on all days to ensure the safety of everyone on the roads, big or small.

Jason F. Abraham
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