Happy Veterans DayThis year, Veterans Day will fall on Wednesday, November 11. Formerly Armistice Day, Veterans Day is the anniversary celebrating the end of World War I. On this day we pay tribute to all veterans who have served in the military, for their selfless service and courage. 

All of us at Hupy and Abraham recognize the value that veterans bring to our community. The firm takes great pride in supporting causes that we believe benefit both veterans and active service members. In 2015, we’ve been proud to sponsor the Veterans Law Center in Madison, a free walk-in legal clinic that serves low-income veterans and their families. We’re also pleased to lend support to groups like the Midwest Shelter for Homeless Veterans, which hosts a variety of programs that assisted over 300 homeless and at-risk veterans and veteran families last year.

There are many organizations like the ones that Hupy and Abraham contributes to, that all members of the Wisconsin community can become involved with or help as well. But if you’re not able to able to lend financial support, there are many things you can do this Veterans Day to show servicemen and women your appreciation for their sacrifice.

  1. Have a conversation with a disabled or homeless veteran and listen to their experiences.
  2. Educate yourself on the challenges veterans face after rejoining civilian life after service.
  3. Acknowledge the service of veterans, and share their stories, like that of Sargent Bradley J. Falls, who speaks about how motorcycles can be an outlet for veterans suffering from PTSD.
  4. Be safe! This is a day to honor those who serve, and have served, our communities and our country – not simply another holiday or day off work.

If your Veterans Day weekend plans include driving, please be respectful of the holiday and keep these safe driving tips in mind:

  • Don't drink and drive. Always designate a sober driver if you need to travel.
  • Limit distractions like texting, talking or using GPS devices. Pull over if you must divide your attention.
  • Ensure all passengers are buckled up and children are in age-appropriate safety seats.
  • Allow plenty of travel time to avoid frustration and the need to speed.
  • Drive defensively and exercise caution, especially in neighborhoods with holiday parades or during poor weather.

All of us at Hupy and Abraham extend our deepest thanks to all veterans and active members of the military for their continued service. We hope you and your family enjoy the holiday, and stay safe. But if for any reason you or a loved one are injured this holiday due to the negligence of another, please contact us at 800-800-5678 for a free consultation, or start a live chat with us anytime at Hupy.com.

Happy Veterans Day!
Jill Erin Wellskopf
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Director of Marketing, Hupy and Abraham