Be alert to common injuries that can result from abuse or neglect in a nursing home

Nursing homes may not do things for your loved one in the same way that you would do them. That may be part of the reason that your loved one is in a nursing home. She may need more assistance and care than you can provide at home. However, when the nursing home fails to do its job and fails to provide your loved one with reasonable care then serious, sometimes fatal injuries can result.

It is important to be aware of these injuries so that you can get your loved one the medical and legal help that she needs as soon as possible after she is hurt.

Six Injuries to Watch For

If your loved one is in a nursing home, then you should be alert and take immediate action if you notice any:

  • Bedsores. Bedsores typically develop when a person with limited mobility is left in one position for too long. Bedsores may become infected and sometimes deadly.
  • Infection. Infections can occur not only from bedsores, but also from other residents and from nursing homes that are not well cleaned and maintained.
  • Fractures. Broken or fractured bones can be evidence that a nursing home resident was physically abused or neglected.

Additionally, you should be aware of the following types of injuries and protect your loved one’s rights if she is:

  • Suffocated. Suffocation can occur if a resident chokes or becomes tangled in bedsheets or clothing. This can occur if the resident was not appropriately supervised.
  • Sexually abused. Sexual abuse is hard to think about, but it does occur in nursing homes because of the deliberate actions of some nursing home staff.
  • Killed. The injuries described above can result in death. While nursing home staff may not have had the intent to kill your loved one, their negligent or abusive actions may have that result.

You don’t have to take action alone. Instead, you and your loved one have the right to contact an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer to schedule a free consultation. Our attorneys would be pleased to talk about what happened with you, to review your loved one’s legal rights, and to advise you about your loved one’s potential recovery. We are here for you 24/7/365. Please start a live chat with us or call us at 1-800-800-5678 at your convenience.

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