Neglect has been a driving force behind infections in nursing homes

Infections are on the rise in nursing homes, according to a study from the Columbia University School of Nursing. The study looked at infection rates in nursing homes in the United States over a five-year period and found that rates of pneumonia, urinary tract infections, viral hepatitis, and other infections were rising rather than falling.

Now, your loved one is one of the people suffering from a significant infection that you strongly suspect was the result of nursing home negligence. Your goal now is to make things better—first for your loved one, and then for other residents of the nursing home who suffer from this type of nursing home injury.

Here Are Five Steps You Can Take to Help After a Nursing Home Infection Makes Your Loved One Sick

As you face this difficult situation, it is important to:

  1. Get your loved one medical care. This may include hospital care.
  2. Consider a change in your loved one’s living arrangements. Your loved one may need to be transferred to a different nursing home if you have ongoing concerns about her safety.
  3. Preserve evidence of nursing home negligence. This may include, but is not limited to, nursing home records, medical records, and names of potential witnesses.
  4. Get your loved one the financial recovery she deserves. This could include compensation for medical bills, out of pocket costs, pain and suffering.
  5. Make the nursing home change its policies so that future infections can be prevented. A legal action may include requiring the nursing home to take further action to prevent infections caused by staff negligence.

These steps can help protect your loved one and other nursing home residents.

You Don’t Have to Do This All Yourself

Your loved one, or her estate, has the right to work with an experienced nursing home lawyer who can help you preserve evidence, get your loved one a fair financial recovery, and require the nursing home to change any policies or procedures that contributed to your loved one’s infection.

For more information about how a nursing home attorney can help with your loved one’s recovery, please contact us via this website or by phone at 1-800-800-5678. Your time to take action is limited by law, so please do not delay.

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