Nursing home neglect and abuse can take many different forms

Nursing home abuse and negligence is not just one problem. Instead, they can take many different forms—each of which can result in a serious or fatal injury.

If you suspect that any type of nursing home abuse or negligence has resulted in an injury for your loved one then it is important to take action now. Illinois law limits the amount of time that your loved one has to file a lawsuit and seek damages for the horrible wrong that has been done to her.

Eight Forms of Nursing Home Abuse and Negligence to Watch For

Some of the different ways that nursing home abuse and negligence can occur include:

  1. Malnutrition or dehydration of residents. Nursing homes have a duty to make sure that residents receive adequate nutrition and hydration based on their unique needs.
  2. Failure to maintain clean and safe facilities. Nursing homes are responsible for providing clean and safe facilities to lessen the risk of serious injuries from things such as infections and falls.
  3. Resident falls. Residents may fall if they are not properly attended to, if they do not have the right assistance, or if there is an unsafe environment and nursing homes must take reasonable steps to prevent falls and resulting injuries.
  4. Medication errors. Part of a nursing home’s responsibility is to dispense the right medication, in the right dosage, at the right time to each individual resident. If this doesn’t happen, then a serious injury can result.
  5. Wandering or elopement. Some nursing home residents may wander around the facility or off the premises without supervision. This can result in harm to the resident and should be prevented by nursing home staff.
  6. Use of physical restraints without medical reason. Physical restraints, including medications, should not be used unless approved by a doctor for a specific reason. Physical restraints not only limit a resident’s freedom, but they can also result in harm.
  7. Violation of government standards. Both the federal government and the Illinois state government have certain standards that nursing homes must meet. The failure to do so can be a form of negligence.
  8. Failure to provide reasonable care. Nursing home staff must provide reasonable care to each resident at all times. The failure to do so can be a form of negligence.

If your loved one suffered an injury because of any of these types of nursing home abuse or negligence then it is time to speak with an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer who isn’t afraid to fight for her rights. Start a live chat with us or call us at 1-800-800-5678 at any time—day or night—and let us help you during this difficult time.

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