Maintaining your motorcycle

Some motorcyclists opt to put their motorcycle in storage over the winter, but many riders choose to keep their bikes accessible in case they want to take a ride during the colder months. If you choose to take your bike out on the road during the winter, there are a few things you should do before you ride and when you return to your garage. Make sure that your motorcycle stays in the best and safest condition possible by following these tips.


  • Check your battery – Starting your bike while its cold can put a lot of strain on the battery during the winter. Check your battery health regularly. The voltage should be above 12.6 volts. Make sure all the connections are tight and if the battery is low on power, charge it before your ride or consider replacing it.
  • Inspect your tires – Make sure the condition of your tires is suitable for winter riding. They should be free of cracks and excessive wear. Tire pressure can drop quickly in the cold, so always check and fill your tires with air if they are low.
  • Use the right antifreeze/coolant – If your bike has a standard cooling system, use a winter-ready and high-quality antifreeze/coolant with a low freezing point so that it doesn’t freeze if you park your bike outside. Make sure the antifreeze is topped off before every ride.


  • Wash off salt from the road – Salt gathers on the roads during the winter and can wreak havoc on your bike by corroding the parts and paint. To avoid rusting, wash your bike when you return from your winter ride by cleaning the undercarriage, wheels and any other crevices where salt might have snuck in.
  • Clean your lights – Being seen and maintaining your visibility is key for safe riding. Clean your headlights, brake lights and turn signals after every ride so that they shine as bright as possible.
  • Apply anti-rust spray and lubrication – After cleaning your bike, apply an anti-rust and corrosion spray to surfaces that are more vulnerable such as the undercarriage, brake discs and gear pedal socket. The spray will create a watertight barrier to help stop corrosion. Lubricating the chains and other moving parts will help remove any corrosive materials and protect from moisture and freezing.

Following these tips will help you maintain a safe and properly functioning motorcycle during the winter months. For more safety tips, motorcycle articles, news and events, stay tuned to

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