The Warnings of Walking

Hot summer days mean more people are outside enjoying activities.  Riding bikes, taking walks and playing sports are very popular this time of year and residential areas are busier than ever.  In order to stay safe, people need to be on the lookout for one another. 

Driving also has summer hazards to beware of, so when you get behind the wheel, keep in mind that when you start seeing more people outside, you must adjust your driving habits.

Pedestrians need to be careful, as well.  Safety is often a group effort.  Here are some tips for both drivers and pedestrians to keep in mind this summer to ensure you stay safe when out and about. 

Safety Tips for Pedestrians

  1. Make eye contact. Even if you are in a crosswalk, do not assume that a vehicle sees you or is going to stop for you. Before you step into the street, make eye contact with drivers.
  2. Keep your eyes up. While it is not illegal to use you cellphone while walking, it is a good idea to refrain from using it. You should always pay attention to where you are going and to look out for vehicles and other things going on around you.
  3. Dress appropriately. Do not walk wearing dark clothing – light and bright colors make you visible. Your visibility is increased by attaching reflective tape to your chest and back. It is also a good idea to carry a flashlight or glow stick if walking after dark.
  4. Always hold hands with children, especially when crossing the street. Also, you should stay on the outside, closest to the street when walking on a sidewalk with children.
  5. Use the buddy system and find someone to walk or bike with. The bigger your group, the better chance you have to be seen. 

Safety Tips for Drivers

  1. Do not assume anything regarding pedestrians. You cannot make the assumption that a pedestrian will properly follow rules or obey traffic signals. Do not assume they see you or are paying attention. Being prepared for the unexpected saves lives.
  2. Remain alert.  Always be on the lookout for pedestrians.   If you see children close to the street, be prepared to stop.
  3. Use extra caution when reversing. Always look in your rearview mirror and use your back-up camera if you have one. Be mindful to look around your vehicle before you get in.  Back out of your driveway or parking space slow and careful. 
  4. Before you open your door, look around. Many injuries occur because a driver opens their door unexpectedly and directly into a pedestrian. 
  5. Do not let your guard down at night. Many people love to get out and walk when the sun goes down. Look for reflective materials ahead of you and on the side of the road when you are driving. Be cautious, as some pedestrians do not always wear proper reflective clothing making them very hard to see at night.

Hupy and Abraham is committed to promoting pedestrian safety this summer and all year long.  Please help us spread the message by getting a free “Yield to Pedestrians” bumper sticker here!

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