city of Milwaukee combats reckless driving

Reckless driving has been a growing issue in Milwaukee for years. The city of Milwaukee has been taking aggressive measures to combat this issue with campaigns, press conferences and task forces, all used in an attempt to save lives and eliminate reckless driving from Milwaukee’s streets. Here are a few things you should know about the fight against reckless driving in Milwaukee and some updates since the task force was created.

What is Reckless Driving?

Wisconsin law defines reckless driving as “negligent operation” of a vehicle that endangers the safety of others.

Recent Campaigns

In July 2019, the reckless driving initiative, Operation Take It EZ, was created following a crash caused by reckless driving that killed two people. This pilot program was said to focus on intersections in Milwaukee that are proven to be hot spots for crashes and reckless driving.

A task force was created in which patrols were increased for four different crash hot spots. The hot spots that received an increase in patrols include N. 60th St. & W. Capitol Dr., N. 27th St. & W. Center St., S. 35th St. & W. National Ave. and S. Cesar Chavez Dr. & W. Greenfield Ave.

Milwaukee Reckless Driving Deaths Increase by 50% in 2020

In 2020, Milwaukee continued to launch public safety campaigns to combat reckless driving. The campaigns included traffic safety unit and Keep MKE Streets Safe that were aimed at getting all reckless drivers off city streets. Still, traffic deaths were up 50%, even with an increase in ticketing of reckless drivers. Officials say they still cannot say what is making the number of traffic deaths increase.

What Now?

Today, officers from the task force patrol seven days a week and use data to target specific hot spot areas. In addition to this, the police have reached out to the community for help by launching a website for community members to report reckless drivers or new hot spots.

In addition, Hupy and Abraham recently contributed to this effort by encouraging drivers to slow down and pay attention to the roads through multiple initiatives aimed at raising awareness of reckless driving in Milwaukee.

“We need to reduce speed. We need to prevent accidents. We need to save lives,” said Attorney Michael Hupy.

Ongoing campaigns to fight reckless driving by Hupy and Abraham continue include DNT TXT N DRV, Watch for Motorcycles and Slow Down. Save Lives.

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