It is not uncommon to come across a lost or stray dog while on a drive or walk. Many people who come across one with these strays are unsure how to handle the situation. Coming across an unknown dog can have risks. The dog could be kind and gentle, but it could also be aggressive and dangerous. An aggressive or injured dog may very likely bite the person trying to help it.

It is important for those who encounter a stray to be able to correctly handle the situation in order to prevent a Milwaukee dog bite. It is very difficult to be able to determine how a dog will react to an unknown person. To stay safe from a stray dog a person should:

  • Look for aggression. Before deciding how the dog should be handled, the dog’s demeanor should be assessed. Any signs of aggression or fear should be noted. A very obvious sign of aggression is if the dog is barking. Other signs of aggression may include baring teeth, lifting tail, or raised tail.
  • Back away. If a dog is scared, it is important not to turn and run. The appropriate response is to slowly back away.
  • Do not provoke. Never give a dog a reason to attack. A dog that is injured, frustrated, or feels threatened may bite with little reason.
  • Call animal control. Most people are not adequately prepared with the tools and knowledge of handling dogs to take on a stray on their own. The safest route to a peaceful encounter is to contact animal control officers. They will be able to safely and promptly take care of the dog.

Taking precautions with dogs will lower the odds of being bitten—but not eliminate them. If you have been attacked by a dog, you may be entitled to compensation. Call an experienced Wisconsin dog bite lawyer at Hupy and Abraham, to discuss your legal options. Call 800-800-5678 today for a free case evaluation.

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